Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am assured...
that you are worth the wait;
...hold on to our dream
and dont even think to let go....

....believe in your heart
that we will find each other
no matter what happens....

....God has planned the course
and it is up to us to follow the

so may you wait...... i also wait for the right time.........
for us....
to set our hearts as one.......



Hide me now
under Your wings
cover me within
Your mighty hands


When the oceans rise
and thunders roar
i will soar with You
above the storm


Father You are king
over the flood
and I will be still
know You my God....

and I will be still
Know You my God...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One of my poems


Day was not a bright one
for me to say,
its a great one chance.
I was pretending to be
in my confidence
how hell it was
pretending to be ok...
I wanna sit in a corner
sob and cry till my eyes
run so dry....
Im now in a airy-room
dark, lonely and rejected.
Is this a test of my faith?
Or my desire and love?
So many problems right now
I dont know the reasons so
Oh Lord, guide me,help me
to make people understands me.
Do they know the real me?
Do they know that its
now hard for me to show them
the real lonely me....
They always pushing me to all
my convictions and nightmares.
Why they always like to do that?
Arent they know that its really
hurting me so.......?
So please Jesus,hug me and enlighten me
Your mighty love..

Pun-a Ako


Biraha ako balik diha kanimo
luwasa ako gikan sa akong
kasing-kasing ko,
hikapa ooh Ginoo
Himua nga maputli sa
atubangan mo.....


Hinlui ang akong mga kalapasan
ug Diyos punoa kining uhaw
nakong dughan...


Sa makausa pa pun-a ako
balaang espiritu.
Himua nga magakayo
kining dughan sa imong gahum
ug sa imong presensiya.
Sa maka-usa pa
pun-a ako balaang espriritu......
Pun-a ako...............

(back to intro then chorus)
(repeat 2x)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Me when Im not with God

Before when I'm not with God
everything in my life
is miserable and useless
I always got pity on my self
I had my reckless family
I got bad and unworthy selfish friends.
Its always how my life goes
over and over again
I thought it will never change
I always got my grades so low
tired of hearing my parents
shouting and quarreling....
Always had hard times in studying,
never get close to anyone,
had hard times mingling w/ others,
Its always on that way
I always hear them say they
would separate on their ways
do they know that its hurting
us so much as their children?
Old people always say that children
should "always honor your mother
as well you should honor your father".
My life before is like a nightmare
I don't want it would happen again.
Now living and knowing more God
everything is turning right
Jesus change the whole me
He wash me with His precious blood
cover me under His mighty wings,
hug me with His mighty Love,
accept me and know me as His child...
I could never imagine how Jesus
totally renew me as his new sheep
and make me grow by His love and grace.
Jesus is my desire,His the one most I love.
Thank you Lord for giving me chance
to know You,to seek You and by making me
your disciple........(~~,)

me and God.....

When Im down and everythings
not alright
God is there evrytime
Im in the dark
You were always there at my side
never vanished,
never neglect me
Thank you for lifting me up
when troubles triggering me
and Im on my knees....

How many times I would
gonna thank You
praise You and
I would live with You.
Help me to touch Your heart
help me to follow your footsteps
may my life is worth
use to praise Your name...

Dear God....
My life i offer You all
may this could make You happy
and this is all I am
I offer all in You....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love you Jesus 4ever!

here I am again.....


Just wanna share to you why I love Jesus....

But 1st I just wnt to ask you if do you know who Jesus is??????

If you know Him well..friend thats good...but if not...well, Im so sorry for you,,..!
You will miss the heaven and angels flying over the earth, the universe and to the rainbow....(~~,)Guyzzz.......

Jesus is the King of all kings..did you know that??? He was the saviour, the sheepherd,, the redeemer, great of all great,..
dah! I cant explain how good God-Jesus is.....The love of God is cant even think how big is His love, how wonderful He was.....Jesus saves me when im down...He is always there listening to my prayers...He is the 1 who knows me a lot...well, guys...If I were you all, you have to know,,,seek and be close to Him...Talk to Him,...(~~,) Jesus is even my Bestfriend...He is my defender when the forces of darkness tries to fool me......
He is the way, the truth and the Life.....(~~,)

Jesus.....I will always LOve you Lord...